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The Charisma Connection


We offer a fantastic 1 day workshop called 'The Charisma Connection' based on Nikki Owen's book 'Charismatic to the Core - A fresh approach to authentic leadership'.  This course is designed to be run in-house within a company.  In addition to the workshop there is an on-line learning tool that embeds the learning.



Charisma is a major factor to building engagement and high performing teams.  According to Harvard Business Review and the University of Lausanne, Charismatic Leaders are happier, healthier and 68% more effective.  Using empirical research from Nikki Owen, Charisma Expert's 20 year study this workshop develops the Charismatic potential for high impact Leadership.


Explore how to....


 - Develop charisma to build engagement and high performing teams

 - Apply neuro-science to energy, behaviours and charisma

 - Develop heart-centered connections to support a growth culture

 - Manage silo mindsets to collaborative ones

 - Utilise subtle energy to transform team behaviours

 - Release the prime limiting belief that mutes charisma



Find out more at www.thecharismaconnection.com




"Powerful, energising and fun, all very professional, clear and exciting material.  Evoked involvement from everyone to learn something different.  Had a profound effect"  Susie Williams, Franchise Project Co-ordinator Orange.


"WOW! Something completely different to anything you have participated in before, fun, challenging and pushes you to engage in new experience" Martin King, Head of Relationship Management RBS.








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