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As you are aware, Leaders play a key role in any business but line Managers are critical in the success of employee engagement and retention.  Line Managers need to be fully trained and well developed in various skills to navigate not only daily motivation of the team but also an understanding of current employment legislation and how it impacts them when they deal with staff. 


Taking time off for training can also be burdensome so we have created some mini sessions to enable your line managers to utilise their time effectively, stay up to date on employment law and also gain some tips and advice to drive employee engagement. We have created bite sized chunks of development that a company can ‘pick and mix’ to suit their business. 


Our Mini Sessions provide the right amount of information for line managers who are either new to managing staff or need some refresher training, providing them with the pertinent facts and legal information.  These are great sessions to run annually with line managers fulfilling the legal obligation to ensure staff are trained, for example in Harassment & Bullying or Discrimination.  


Each session will cover some basic facts and information as well as the legal aspects associated with the topics (if applicable).  There will also be a ‘flyer’ containing the pertinent details of each session.



Line Management Training or Refresher Training

This is a pick ‘n’ mix approach.  You can choose one session and run it all day for various staff members, or a number of different sessions for one group of staff members, or any selection of sessions and staff that suit your business.  Sessions last between 50 mins – 1 hour. 


Listed below are the topics to choose from:-


  • Harassment & Bullying

  • Discrimination

  • Discipline

  • Grievance

  • Recruitment

  • Wellbeing

  • Employee Engagement
  • Reward & Recognition
  • Millennials - How to manage, motivate and develop Millennials
  • Generational Differences - Enabling Baby Boomers, Gen X & Y/Millennials to understand each other and work better together.
  • Returning after Maternity / Paternity Leave - How to support staff returning to work.





  • Full Day

  • Choose up to x6 Mini Sessions

  • up to 15 people per Session

  • Pick ‘n’ Mix Sessions and People

  • £1,500 plus VAT


  • Half Day
  • Choose up to x3 Mini Sessions

  • up to 15 people per Session

  • Pick ‘n’ Mix Sessions and People

  • £750 plus VAT




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