Team Building for Change and Disruption

What do I need to know?

There are times when teams are going through change or there are disruptive influences that can cause issues within the team dynamics.  This impacts on the team and their ability to function affectively.  The relationships within the team can be disruptive, affecting performance, productivity and engagement.


How can we help?

We have developed a powerful and interesting workshop which provides insight for the individuals and an agreed way forward for the Manager/Director which helps build them back up into a fully functioning team again.  They will undertake a number of activities that will help them:-


  • Understand the cycles of change

  • How they can influence others

  • How they feel and react to change

  • Emotional intelligence activities to open their minds to other opinions and thought processes

  • Strategic thinking

  • Critical analysis of ideas

  • Some team bonding activities.


    How much will it cost?

    1 day workshop for up to 12 people with a pre and post meeting with the Director/HR Director and post event evaluation forms (if required) £1,800 plus VAT.

    (Excludes Consultant’s reasonable travel expenses, venue hire and associated costs, if applicable.)


    It is possible to run this event for larger teams, however there will be an additional cost of £500 for teams larger than 12.

Any queries or concerns?

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