Ways of Working

What do I need to know?

At times even the most productive teams can encounter difficulties functioning.  This can happen at any level but when it happens at a very senior level it can bring problems in the boardroom which in turn can impact on sales, profits, engagement and retention.  When a senior team works well together this then creates a more engaged and collaborative workforce.  This workshop can benefit any team in a business – the principles work at any level.


The workshop will focus on Ways of Working in the senior team (or your chosen team), creating a more harmonious working environment to enable the team to get back on track to becoming a high performing well functioning team.


What do we need to do?

We will meet with your MD/CEO/Director and HR Director to talk through the issues being experienced, so we cover what’s important to your company through the workshop.  The workshop will be facilitated by us to enable every member of the team to fully participate, ensuring all delegates gain maximum benefit.


How much will it cost?

Inclusive of one pre and one post meeting, plus the 1 day workshop the cost is £1,800 plus VAT. (Excludes reasonable Consultants travel expenses and any external venue hire and associated costs).




“Terri is an exceptional People professional – highly intuitive with sound judgement and a real drive to help people be their best.  Working with Terri, I saw first-hand how effective a Coach she is and how through inspirational leadership, she built a highly effective People team at Virgin Holidays.  As MD I particularly appreciated her thoughtful insight in helping me re-shape the company and lead difficult change. She builds huge trust and confidence and understands what really motivates people. I value Terri’s wisdom,

practical advice and people-centric Leadership.”

Mark Anderson, MD Virgin Holidays




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