What do I need to know?

Sickness absence reportedly costs UK business £29bn per annum with the average employee taking 9 days off

per year. (Source PWC report July 2013).  The ideal is to have a healthy workforce who are fully engaged.  In

today’s world, stress, anxiety and depression are on the increase exponentially and mental health is now being talked about more openly. What can companies do to really promote a health and wellbeing agenda at work

and more importantly why should they?


Who benefits?

Enlightened employers know the benefits of having wellbeing programmes in place.  Increased engagement, reduced turnover and reduced sickness. The company has a healthier, engaged and productive workforce

and the employees feel that their health and wellbeing are cared about.   Everyone benefits. 




What’s included in the course?

This is a practical workshop where we discuss some of the issues for a company around both long & short term sickness as well as what companies can do to help employees and create a more engaged workforce around health and wellbeing. The focus of the day is on providing lots of ideas and suggestions for wellbeing initiatives

and then assessing what would work for your company.   Everyone will go away with lots of practical ideas that

they can then turn into a plan of action to create a wellbeing plan.  Internal Communications (IC) is key to the Wellbeing Plan and therefore we recommend whoever is responsible for IC in your company also attends the workshop.


During the day we will use the ‘Walt Disney’ Strategy for creativity so that the ideas are condensed down into practical plans. We will also look at costs of the different initiatives focusing on initiatives that have no cost,

little cost or those that need a bit more investment.  This is a fun and interactive workshop with group discussions

and practical exercises.


Who should attend?

HR, L&D and IC team members, Wellbeing Champions/Advocates, Directors, and Managers & Team Leaders.


How much will it cost?

For up to 10 people £1,500 plus VAT

Up to 15 people £1,800 plus VAT 

The Workshop is an ‘in-house workshop’ and runs for 5 hours and timings can be flexible.  the above costs excludes venue hire (if applicable), refreshments and Consultant's resonable travel expenses.                          






Mini Sessions

Our Mini Sessions provide the right amount of information for line managers who are either new to managing staff or need some refresher training, providing them with the pertinent facts and legal information.  These are great sessions to run annually with line managers fulfilling the legal obligation to ensure staff are trained, for example in Harassment & Bullying or Discrimination.  


Each session will cover some basic facts and information as well as the legal aspects associated with the topics (if applicable).  There will also be a ‘flyer’ containing the pertinent details of each session.


We offer a Mini Session on Wellbeing which provides some insights into the rationale for having wellbeing programmes as well as some advice, tips and guidance on Wellbeing.  This session is ideally suited to line managers to enable them to understand the importantance of wellbeing for themselves and their teams.


There is the option of running a number of Mini Sessions in either the half or full day format or you can pick and mix with other Mini Sessions that we offer.  Please see the page on Mini Sessions for further details.



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